Greenlee AMPLIFIER, IND 200GX ~ Cat #: 200GX

Greenlee AMPLIFIER, IND 200GX ~ Cat #: 200GX

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Product features 

Used in conjunction with any tone generator, Inductive Amplifiers permit wire and cable identification without having to make direct metallic contact with the conductor.

All models feature powerful speaker for noisy environments, recessed on/off button control and high gain for accurate wire identification in congested cable bundles and equipment rooms.

The 200EP also includes adjustable volume control for precise identification, an LED for visual signal strength indication and recessed telephone test set connectors. The 200GX includes all the features of the 200EP in a new rugged, ernomically-designed housing.
Goods manufactured by Greenlee Textron will be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year from the date of user purchase, provided such goods are installed, operated, used and maintained in accordance with Greenlee's written instructions

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