GENERATOR, TONE 77GX (77GX) ~ Cat #: 77GX
Tempo Communications

GENERATOR, TONE 77GX (77GX) ~ Cat #: 77GX

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Greenlee GENERATOR, TONE 77GX (77GX)
This tone generator has an automatic shutoff to prevent battery drain, a two-line polarity indication for fast outlet identification, a snag-proof boot prevents broken plug tabs and a convenient wrist/hanging lanyard. It also has three distinct, selectable tone signal outputs for multiple line identification, a two selectable tone power outputs for use on open and shorted pairs, an independent continuity test function and an independent talk battery supply with higher output voltage. this also uses a fixed alligator clips and removable modular plug for multiple connection options.

former Greenlee 60556

Catalogue Number:50605560

Brand : Tempo Communications

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