TONE GENERATOR (77HP-G/6A) (CLAM) ~ Cat #: 77HP-G/6A

TONE GENERATOR (77HP-G/6A) (CLAM) ~ Cat #: 77HP-G/6A

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Product features

This is a high-Powered Tone Generator works with a tone probe used to locate single conductors or cables within a bundle cross-connect point at remote ends. The has four basic functions such as tone signal, continuity testing, talk battery supply and line polarity confirmation.
  • audible continuity test
  • voltage polarity
  • resistance tests
  • dual line modular LED
  • continuity & poliarity LEDs
  • external warble select
  • RJ11/RJ45 socket
  • lanyard
  • Tests polarity on lines 1 and 2 through modular plug
  • Female/female connector and comes with an adaptor
  • Short circuit LED/beeper
  • Includes ABN clips and modular plug
  • Battery-operated (9V not included)


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