TONE & PROBE KIT, STD (701K-G/6A) (CLAM) ~ Cat #: 701K-G/6A
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TONE & PROBE KIT, STD (701K-G/6A) (CLAM) ~ Cat #: 701K-G/6A

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Product features

  • Headset jack and an LED flashlight incorporated into the probe - plus audible continuity test
  • External warble select and a RJ11/RJ45 socket on the tone generator
  • Tone & Probe Kit is ideal for identifying single conductors/cables within a bundle, at a cross-connect point or at remote ends.
  • 200EP-G tracing probe features an LED headlight for working safely behind furniture, inside racks or in dim lighting conditions
  • Tracing probe has three listening modes with adjustable volume control - speaker, headset or butt-in telephone connection
  • 77HP-G/6A tracing tone generator indicates one-or two-line telephone service, voltage/polarity indication and checks for short circuits/continuity with a light and an audible beep

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