2N Helios IP 1 button + camera, Stock# 2N-9137111CU NEW

2N Helios IP 1 button + camera, Stock# 2N-9137111CU NEW

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Product features

IP Door Entry System with 1 Button and Camera. IP 53 Case. This Door system supports both voice and video transmission, all in the IP environment by means of the SIP protocol. Made from high quality steel, resistant to all ambient conditions ensuring long service life.
  • Interoperable & compatible with SIP platform
  • High quality real-time video (Video Models Only)
  • Adjustable VGA resolution camera (Video Models Only)
  • High video quality at bandwidth between 64kbps to1Mbps (Video Models Only)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Up to 54 users with multiple phone numbers and time schedules
  • Up to 54 led back-lit buttons or numeric keypad for direct dialling
  • Up to two independent door lock switches with 2 general lock codes
  • Locks codes with time profiling for limiting access
  • Up to 999 Users with Multiple phone numbers on Professional Version
  • Private lock codes for each user on Professional Version
  • Up to 999 Direct SIP connections without IP PBX on Professional Version