2N OfficeRoute 1xUMTS, Stock# 505630US ~ NEW

2N OfficeRoute 1xUMTS, Stock# 505630US ~ NEW

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Product features

The 2N OfficeRoute is the optimal solution especially for SOHOs and SMEs who need IP communication which is available in two versions: UMTS/GSM or GSM only (without UMTS module). The OfficeRoute allows users to call via VoIP/GSM/UMTS and supports analog faxes, its internal VoiceMail with SMS server and the possibility it provides for sending messages from the web or directly from an email client.

Product Benefits

  • Free calls within the company
  • High-speed Internet connection (up to 7.2Mbps)
  • Fax sending/receiving
  • Mobility extension
  • SMS sending/receiving
  • IP PBX features
  • Quick installation, easy maintenance