Adtran Total Access 1500 2W FXO/GT 1180115L2 NEW

Adtran Total Access 1500 2W FXO/GT 1180115L2 NEW

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Product features

Intended to be deployed in the Total Access 1500 Chassis
Provides for a 2-wire 900 ohms or 600 ohms + 2.16 F interface between a VF transmission and signaling facility and a Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) interface
Features and Benefits
Nominal 600 ohms or 900 ohms (+2.16 F) 2-wire VF interface with DC isolation
Transmit TLP range of -9.0 to +7.5 dBm
Receive TLP range of -11.5 to +6.0 dBm
FXO Loop Start, FXO Ground Start, TR-08 Single Party, TR-08 Universal VG, and DPT modes of operation
CLASS compatible (Caller ID, Forward Disconnect, and Distinctive Ringing TR 57 compliant)
Ring Ground Disable option in FXO Ground Start mode
Up to 6 dB of single-ended gain transfer
Line Build Out Capacitance (LBOC) for loaded cables
Precision Balanced Network (PBN) with selectable impedance or Compromise Network (600 ohms +2.16 F or 900 ohms +2.16 F)
Up to 7.5 dB of slope equalization in the Transmit and Receive paths
Provides loop reverse battery signaling for DID PBX extensions (DPT mode)
Ring Ground Release option in FXO Ground Start mode
Pub 43801 Compliant
Extended operating temperature range from -40C to +65C
Provides backplane PCM voice interface (digital) with -law 255 data encoding/decoding
NEBS Level 3 and UL 1950 compliant
Provisioning by onboard switches or craft interface
Compatible with traditional prescription settings per AT&T 855-351-105

For use in Total Access 1500 integrated access devices. Single circuit FXO/DPT Gain Transfer module.