Adtran Total Access 750/850/1500 U-BRITE Module 1180020L1 NEW

Adtran Total Access 750/850/1500 U-BRITE Module 1180020L1 NEW

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Product features

Line card that plugs into a single channel slot of a Total Access 750/850/1500 channel bank

Provides an ISDN U-interface and allows the transport of Basic Rate 2B+D information over T1 carriers and twisted pair wiring
Features and Benefits
ISDN 2B1Q interface that meets all Layer 1 requirements as specified in ANSI T1.601-1991
18 kft nominal range on mixed gauge wire
Internal test pattern allows for testing of individual B Channels without requiring external test equipment
Transportation of ISDN Basic Rate 2B+D information over T1 facilities in the 3-DS0 format specified in TR-NWT-000397
All Layer 1 maintenance functions
Performance monitoring of the Layer 1 facility as specified in TR-NWT-000397 and TR-TSY-000829
Distinctive metallic DC test signature to identify either line unit LT or line unit NT mode of operation as specified in TR-NWT-000397
Provides loopback capability for full 2B+D as well as individual B channels in both loop and carrier directions. Individual B channel loopbacks, for the NT1 and up to six devices in the Network-to-Customer direction, may be initiated via the DB-9 VT100 craft interface on the Total Access 750 BCU, Total Access 850 RCU, or the Total Access 1500 SCU, or from a remote location through the maintenance channel.
DS0 logic level transmit and receive data access through front panel bantam jacks
Addressing and error status with front panel LED indicators.
Responds to OCU and CSU latching loopback in 2B, B1, and B2 modes of operation
A front panel pushbutton allows toggling between local provisioning via DIP switches and remote provisioning via the local craft interface