Adtran TSU 120 External DSU/CSU 1202129L2 NEW

Adtran TSU 120 External DSU/CSU 1202129L2 NEW

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Product features

The TSU 120 are modular, full-featured T1/FT1 multiplexers designed to support a wide range of end-user applications. Equipped with both a synchronous V.35 DTE interface and a DSX-1 PBX port, the TSU 120 supports applications combining digital voice and high-speed data. As interface requirements increase, the flexibility of the TSU 120 benefits the user with modularity through its expansion slot. The TSU 120 provides complete monitoring and control of the T1 network with embedded simple network management protocol (SNMP) provided through a SLIP interface. The TSU 120e also has a built-in 10BASE-T Ethernet interface. To support critical data applications, the built-in V.35 interface on the TSU 120e can be converted to provide dial backup functionality during T1 failure conditions. This feature is supported by the interface and is available using an optional V.35 "Y" cable.

Embedded SNMP management
Integrated DSX-1 interface port for PBX connectivity
Single option module slot supports up to four additional DTE ports
Customer interface modules available for analog voice, digital voice, DDS, Frame Relay, high-speeddata and ISDN
Front panel, back-lit LCD for configuration and monitoring
Extensive network testing and troubleshooting
T-Watch PRO(TM) and Telnet support for local and remote units
Five Year Warranty