Aleen / ITS Telecom MusicTel-E MP3 Remote Messaging on Hold VIA IP (Push) NEW
aleen / ITS Telecom

Aleen / ITS Telecom MusicTel-E MP3 Remote Messaging on Hold VIA IP (Push) NEW

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Product features

IP Remote-Programming

The unique MusicTel-E solution lets you to remotely control music and messaging via the Internet. All you need is IP connectivity.

Special Features

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) recognition allows easy IP connection for fast and easy installation
  • 32 Mb of recording capacity lets you schedule a wide variety of messages and melodies:
    - Up to 100 MP3 music/messaging files
    - 1 hour and 40 minutes of high quality recording time
  • Music Mixing from separate music and messaging tracks
  • Optional Play List, Interrupt Messages, Fading
  • Daily Task Scheduler automatically rotates through your daily, weekly and holiday messages
  • Advanced updating features let you record and change messages to multiple units at the same time over an IP network, or connect directly to each device

GUI Content Management Systems

  • Efficient IPMAN-E Administrator is the PC program that handles all central administration and client databases, making it possible to push MP3 music files to thousands of remote MusicTel-E units via the IP network. Updates can be based on predefined user schedules.
  • User-Friendly MAN-E utility program handles MusicTel-E configuration and maintenance. Its user-friendly operation allows bi-directional sending of configuration information.

Standard Features

  • FLASH Memory saves recordings even during power out
  • No moving mechanical parts guarantees solid reliability
  • No more CDs helps you reduce production and shipment costs
  • Real-Time Control lets you update marketing campaigns in seconds
  • Volume Control
  • Password Protection
  • Superior Voice Quality
  • Zero Gap Seamless Audio