Algo 8036 SIP Multimedia Intercom, ~ Stock# 8036 ~ NEW

Algo 8036 SIP Multimedia Intercom, ~ Stock# 8036 ~ NEW

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Product features

The 8036 is designed for indoor or outdoor public access locations to provide enhanced communication and support for guests and visitors. The graphic capacitive touch display can be configured for keypad or icon input and provide content to the visitor. This can be as simple as a corporate logo or multiple pages of content navigated by the visitor. Applications include unattended lobbies, security monitoring, employee access, visitor greeting, one or two way video calling, enhanced courtesy phone, multi-tenant gate or entrance, guest service, and visitor assistance kiosk.

Graphic icons with multilingual menus and SIP based speech, text, or video communication make the 8036 ideal for serving international, multilingual, or hearing impaired clients. Unique applications may be created easily by non-programmers using the web interface. Upload an image for your start page and create the navigation menus leading to additional pages, scroll lists, keypads, and more. Page images and icons may be created from photographs, maps, or images created using graphics editing tools.

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