CyberData ~ SIP Paging Adapter ~ Stock# 011233 ~ NEW

CyberData ~ SIP Paging Adapter ~ Stock# 011233 ~ NEW

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Product features

The SIP Paging Adapter, with voice prompted menu and up to 10 user defined stored message files, is designed to interface analog paging systems with SIP and multi-cast audio sources is another example of CyberData's continued ability to meet the demands of the marketplace. Using the SIP Paging Adapter, messages can be played in a variety of ways such as SIP to Analog, Line-in to Analog or Multicast to Analog, making it a versatile and cost-effective endpoint.

Two SIP extensions
Voice prompt pass code and page control
9 user-uploadable page messages
HTTP status and command interface
10 channel prioritized Multicast ports
HTTP Web Interface and setup
Built-in diagnostics
10k Ohm input for MOH
600 Ohm Balanced audio out
Unbalanced Line-Out
Remote amp fault sensor
DTMF and programmatic controlled Relay
Delayed page support
DTMF pass-through
Cisco SRST
10/100 802.3af PoE

One Year Warranty