DTP-16HC-1 Dterm Handset Cordless Telephone (Part#770065) Refurbished

DTP-16HC-1 Dterm Handset Cordless Telephone (Part#770065) Refurbished

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Product features

DTP-16HC-1 Telephone Dterm Handset Cordless Terminal - Refurbished

Based on the popular NEC D-term Series E 16 Line Deskset, The D-term Handset Cordless eliminates the cord connecting the handset to the phone. This means you can reach for files, move around freely in your office or cubicle, all without limiting yourself to the length of a phone cord. It's less expensive than a Multiline or wireless phone, which makes it an ideal solution for circumstances when these applications are more than what you need.

The DTP-16HC-1 is equipped with:

3 x 24 liquid crystal display

4 Soft Keys

16 programmable keys are flexible and can be assigned to any outside line connected to the system, to another station line, or as a feature button.

Cordless Handset

The NEC Dterm Cordless Handset Telephone (DTP-16HC-1) consists of a base unit, cordless handset, belt clip and a standard nickel-cadmium battery that supports 4 hours of talk time or 40 hours of standby.

The Dterm Handset Cordless operates in the 900 Mhz analog spectrum and is compatible with the InfoSet 408, Electra KTS product lines, NEAX1000, NEAX2000 and NEAX2400 (2 wire station interface). For the clearest reception possible, the electronic channel selection automatically selects from one of 40 channels to communicate with its base unit. It is also possible to change channels manually should a conversation become distorted while talking. Up to 40 Dterm Cordless Handset telephones may access the 40 channels simultaneously. The recommended range or distance between the handset and base unit is 30100 feet without obstructions, depending upon the environment. This range is ideal for employees who need mobility around their immediate workspace.

You will need A AC Power Supply ACA-U UNIT (770310) For this Phone to work good,