Greenlee DRIVER ASS'Y, FLEX-HYD (7706SB). ~ Cat #: 7706SB

Greenlee DRIVER ASS'Y, FLEX-HYD (7706SB). ~ Cat #: 7706SB

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Greenlee DRIVER ASS'Y, FLEX-HYD (7706SB)
This quick Draw is perfect for fast, straight-on front panel punching wherein the 90's right angle driver head rotates over 180degrees for maximum flexibility in tight working areas. It has also a Flexthat allows unlimited driver orientation to simplify access to work area and can be used with non-roundpunches within the capacity of the tool (adapter may be required). It aslo develops 8 tons of hydraulic force for easy punching, even in 10-gauge stainless steel and depending on individual punch capacities.

Greenlee 10476


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