ISU 512 W/S-INTERFACE,2ND, INT, Stock# 1202086L2-F

ISU 512 W/S-INTERFACE,2ND, INT, Stock# 1202086L2-F

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Product features


  • Synchronous data transfer from 56 kbps to 512 kbps
  • BONDING Mode 1 protocol support for aggregating 64 kbps B-Channels
  • 90-240 VAC auto-ranging power supply with IEC connector on base unit
  • CE Marked for European Union (EU) countries only
  • High-speed Inverse Multiplexer for ISDN applications including videoconferencing and audio broadcasting
  • Dialing via front panel, stored numbers, DTR assertion, AT commands, V.25 bis, or RS-366
  • North American switch type support includes AT&T 5ESS, Northern Telecom DMS-100, National ISDN-1, and NEC
  • Global switch type support includes TDX10, TDX1B, Euro-ISDN Net3, VN4, Lucent 5ESS, ITR6, TPH 1962, NTT, KDD, and NEC