LINKCOM 030200-2Bt GSM iDP : Max 2 Btns, Stock# 030200-2Bt
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LINKCOM 030200-2Bt GSM iDP : Max 2 Btns, Stock# 030200-2Bt

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Product features

Analogique volutif de 1 4 Boutons connect au PBX ou RTC, Camra, 2 Relais, Prog DTMF/Microsoft

Analogue expandable from 1 to 4 buttons connect PBX or PSTN, Camera, 2 relays. Prog by DTMF/ Microsoft

LINKCOM 030200-2Bt has 1 or 2 push buttons where in each button can call up to 5 phone
numbers. The numbers are dialled progressively when previous dialled number is busy. Also, this GSM iDP has pictograms noticeable with coloured LEDs which signal an incoming call, communication in progress and the door opening, with an audible message alerta nd uses an induction loop system.

  • 2 inputs : Connect alarms, sensors *If a trigger input (short circuit), the Link GSM iDP alerts you by SMS.
  • 2 relays *The 2 relays can be triggered by code during
  • the conversation by calling the door phone or by sending a SMS.
  • Configuration by sofware, SMS and phone call
  • Voice messages assist visitors while using the doorphone
*One Year Warranty