Mediatrix 1124 - 24 FXS Port Access Device - NEW

Mediatrix 1124 - 24 FXS Port Access Device - NEW

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Product features

Mediatrix 1124 - 24 FXS Port Access Device. Protocols: SIP, H.323 & MGCP. The Mediatrix 1124 connects up to 24 analog phones and/or faxes to a broadband modem or LAN. It enables cost-effective VoIP deployments in medium-size branch offices and multi-tenant applications. The Mediatrix 1124 has the additional benefit of supporting high compression codecs simultaneously on each analog voice ports, thus saving valuable bandwidth. As all other Mediatrix devices, the 1124 provides web interface, giving users a convenient access to the unit for initial set-up. The devices can also auto-provision by fetching their encrypted configuration from a TFTP or HTTP server making installation secure and transparent to the end-users.

Key Benefits:
Cost-effective VoIP access device enabling high-value IP
Telephony applications.
IP connectivity for up to twenty-four existing analog phones
and/or faxes.
Wiring closet installation protecting customer investment in
existing analog devices (phones/faxes).
PSTN-quality voice over IP networks.
Transparent migration to an IP Centrex solution.
Deployable in a SIP or MGCP/NCS based VoIP network.
Auto configurable, remotely manageable and upgradeable.
Interoperable with products of leading industry vendors.