Mitel 3300 ICP 5550 IP Console ~ Dark Grey North American ~ Part# 50006490 Refurbished

Mitel 3300 ICP 5550 IP Console ~ Dark Grey North American ~ Part# 50006490 Refurbished

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Product features

5550 IP Console is supported on the 3300 ICP Release 7.0 or later.

Telephony Keypad (IP Version) (Dark Grey)
50005300 24VDC Power Adapter Universal, 100-240V 50-60 Hz
51005172 C7 Power Cord with NA Plug Type
4000/5000 Series Handset (Dark Grey),
Curly Cord, Handset Cradle
5550 IP Console Application Documentation CD
Programmable Keys Designation Labels (Eng/Fre/Span)
Two Ethernet Cables (5` & 10`)
English, French and Spanish supported in this Package.
5550 IP Console Providing Enterprise Console Attendant Advanced Presence Information

The Mitel 5550 IP Console is a PC-based attendant console and administration application for the Mitel Communications Director (MCD). It combines an intuitive PC interface and a specialized telephony keypad for easy dialing and quick access to call processing and telephony features. With teleworker support, the corporate answering point is flexible and mobile. Attendants can now work from anywhere, at anytime.

Mitel 5550 IP Console provides such features as:
Transfer Assistant: Complete 90% of calls with the dynamic historical driven search
Call History: Attendants can quickly lookup past transfers in difficult situations
Multi-Tenanting: Share a single answer point and save on answer point costs
Teleworker Support: Attendants can work off site, reducing office space costs
Additional Data Fields: Provide more information to attendants, with color support
Enhanced Status Indication: Hot Desk Login and Call Forward Status provided to attendants
Presence, Email, and Instant Messaging: Integrated with Office Communications Server*
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Monitoring: Attendants see the phone status at a glance
Multiple BLF Lists and Tile-Based BLF View: Multi-Tenanting BLF list support
Incoming Calls List: Provides visual indication of all incoming calls, prioritizes calls, and customizes greeting based on calling line information
Direct Station Select (DSS): Enables Attendants to pick up ringing extensions
Calls on Hold Comments: Attendants have additional information to handle calls more efficiently
Highly Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI): With screen-based call handling, simply point-and-click
One-Button Access to Programmable Key Functions
Twelve Programmable Keys: Provide easy access to the most commonly used attendant features and services
On-Screen Scratch Pad: Allows attendants to take quick notes and messages while handling calls
On-Screen Bulletin Board: Displays system wide information across the complete answer point
Retrieve Key: Quickly retrieve a call that was transferred to the wrong extension
Call Answering Priority: Answer calls based on longest time waiting or origin
Call Waiting Threshold Capability: Incoming calls are routed to other consoles, reducing wait times
Comprehensive Hospitality Console Feature Set
Dual Handset / Headset Jacks: For monitoring and training new attendants
Adaptable Telephony Keypad and Handset Cradle: For right- or left-handed attendants
Languages Supported: English, French (North American and European), Spanish (North American and European), German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Swedish, and Simplified Chinese
One Year Warranty