Mitel 5613 DECT Phone (Replacement for 5603 DECT Phone), Stock# 50006897

Mitel 5613 DECT Phone (Replacement for 5603 DECT Phone), Stock# 50006897

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Product features

Mitel 5613 is the replacement for the 5603 DECT Phone in MiVoice Business. The phone uses a modern design with easy to use illuminated color displays. The menus are logical and functions like the use of central telephone book are pre-defined. IT has a a standard headset connector and has support for loud speaking function.

Highlights 5613 DECT Phone
  • Backlit color TFT display
  • (1.8,128 x 160 pixel)
  • Central phonebook unlimited, 1000 company phonebook entries and 250 local phone book entries
  • 14 adjustable ring signals including vibrating
  • Hands-free with duplex loudspeaker
  • Standard 3.5 mm headset connector
  • 3 soft keys, 4-way navigation key
  • Illuminated display for incoming call and charging

  • Desk charger Mitel 5613 and 5614 for charging the phone (EU or Global version)
  • Rack charger for Mitel 5613 and 5614, includes LAN connection for CPDM management
  • Programmer for Mitel 5613 and 5614 for management of the handsets via WinPDM
  • (Note that the new Desk Programmer do not provide charging of the phones)
  • Security/Swivel clip Mitel 5613
  • Carrying case Mitel 5613
  • Security chain Mitel 5613 and 5614

Spare parts
Battery pack for Mitel 5613
Standard Clip Mitel 5613