Mitel Programmable Key Module (PKM), Stock# M695

Mitel Programmable Key Module (PKM), Stock# M695

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Product features

Mitel M695 can easily add 28 buttons to the existing Personal keys on a 6920, 6930 or 6940, and can be attached easily on 6900s sidecar expansion port. Up to three modules can be daisy-chained together to provide up to 84 programmable keys.

  • Supported on the 6920, 6930 and 6940
  • 28 programmable keys
  • 4.3 480x272 pixel color backlit LCD display
  • Additional M695 PKMs can be daisy-chained for a combined total of up to 3 modules
  • All attached PKMs powered by the phone no separate power adapter required

M695 Programmable Key Module (PKM)
Product Notes(s):

For use on 6920/6930/6940 IP Phones.
Up to 3 PKMs can be daisy-chained on a phone.
Installation of an M695 PKM on a 6930 or 6940 IP Phone
requires a POE Class 4 (802.3at) inline network power
source for the combination of IP Phone and installed PKM(s).
If local Power is required Ethernet/AC Power Adapter and
one of the Power Cords must be purchased separately:

- 51301151 Gb 802.3at Power Adapter Universal
- 50006271 C13 Power Cord with NA Plug Type
- 50005612 C13 Power Cord with UK Plug Type
- 50005611 C13 Power Cord with European Plug Type
- 50006270 C13 Power Cord with Australian Plug Type

Recommended Minimum System Software:
- MiVB Release 8.0
- MiVBorder Gateway Release 9.4