MultiTech Fax Finder - 2-Port V.34 Fax Server Model: FF240 - NEW

MultiTech Fax Finder - 2-Port V.34 Fax Server Model: FF240 - NEW

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Product features

Product Description:
The FaxFinder FF240 model fax server combines several key elements into one convenient platform to deliver distributed faxing capabilities over a WAN:

Hardware: Fax server capable of providing electronic fax services to small- and medium-sized organizations and enabling
faxes to be sent by e-mail, client software, web send fax page, or web services API.

Client Software: Software that expands the FaxFinder capabilities and allows integration with Microsoft Office applications and other programs with print functionality.

Administrative Software: Administrative controls that configure the FaxFinder hardware and establish how faxes are sent and received.

Application Integration: Allows the integration of the FaxFinder with existing business applications through the FaxFinder Web Services API.

Hardware Overview:
The FaxFinder FF240 model is also available in 4-port, and 8-port models that include:
Enhanced internal memory for businesses that send large faxes (medical, legal) or use large address books
On-board storage for incoming and outgoing faxes
Rack-mountable using mounting brackets
Enables outbound faxes via web interface or e-mail (T.37)


Client Software Overview:
The client software enables outbound faxes to be sent using toolbar icons in Microsoft Office applications or as a printer selection within any program with a print function.

Administrative Software Overview:

These powerful tools allow network administrators to configure the FaxFinder FF240 model for use in the existing network and manage the use of the FaxFinder to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Status and Logs: Provides system status, fax status and keeps logs of inbound and outbound faxes and attempted faxes.
System Configuration: Set-up and configure the FaxFinder to run on the network and send faxes. Settings include time configuration, and network printer and network share set-up. Configuration settings can be saved for future retrieval and restoration. Administrators are also able to easily download software updates from the Multi-Tech Systems website.

Fax Configuration: Set-up and configure the requirements for inbound and outbound faxes:
Inbound Fax Routing: Route faxes to e-mail addresses, network folders, or network printers, identify where to send inbound faxes with no extension, and additional global routing settings.
Outbound: Select outbound archival options, including file format and network archival directory.
Outbound Approval: If outbound approval is enabled, identify who can approve outbound faxes, establish the fax numbers and users that do not require approval, set approval reminder intervals, and set approval report interval.
Cover Pages: Import custom cover pages or use templates provided by Multi-Tech. If using FaxFinder for advertising purposes, input opt-out information that customers can use if they choose to be removed from the distribution list.
Store and Forward Fax (T.37): Establish parameters for T.37 fax on the FaxFinder.
Fax Log: Establish the interval at which the fax log files are deleted and enable expired entries to be sent to the Administrator.

Users: Manage who is able to use the FaxFinder for sending and receiving faxes. User lists can be imported using CSV files and individuals can also be added and managed individually.
Contacts: Create global contact lists, personal groups, and global groups. Contact lists can be imported using CSV files and individuals can also be added and managed individually.


Centralize Operations:
Eliminate multiple fax machines in a corporate office
Provide fax services to remote and mobile employees

Cost Savings:
Eliminate the costs associated with legacy paper-based fax machines
Replace expensive subscription-based fax services
Companies justify the switch to a FaxFinder based on the cost savings that are realized

Government (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)
Healthcare initiatives (HIPAA)
Require audit trails for all sent and received faxes

Phone Systems: Important addition to any unified communications system
Business Operations: Automate outbound faxes based on business rules
FaxFinder FF240 model fax server includes: Fax server, North American power cord, RJ-45 Ethernet cable, and RJ-11 cables.

Internal Memory: 1 GB RAM
Maximum File Size (outbound faxes):
T.37 E-mail-to-Fax: 36 MB
Web Services API: 36 MB
Client Software (SSL enabled): 36 MB
Client Software (SSL disabled): 36 MB
Web Send Fax Page: 48 MB

One Year Warranty