MX2820 23" Chassis

MX2820 23" Chassis

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Product features

MX2820 23-in. Chassis provides up to nine redundant M13s in two RU of space with 18 MUX, one SCU. Uses local powered 48 VDC.
Features and Benefits
Built-in 1:1 redundancy
Hot-swappable MUX cards
Affordable DS3/STS-1 bandwidth consolidation
Single IP address per shelf
Interbank communications capability to address multiple shelves with a single IP via an RS-485 daisy chain communication link between shelves
Capable of backhauling multiple service types (T1/E1)
Simplified configuration through the VT100 terminal menu structure
System Controller Unit (SCU) for centralized management
TL1, SNMP, Telnet, and SSH management
X.25 capability for TL1 sessions
Meets the requirements for NEBS Level 3 compliance