NEC 1 PORT IP LOGGING UNIT ~ Stock# 780324 Part# Q24-FR000000113150 NEW

NEC 1 PORT IP LOGGING UNIT ~ Stock# 780324 Part# Q24-FR000000113150 NEW

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Product features

One-Port IP Logging Unit (IPTAP),
a professional call-recording solution that is supported on each of the UNIVERGE SV8000 series
communications platforms. The NEC IP-TAP solution enables users to record IP phone calls directly to
their PC desktop. The solution provides a professional, cost-efficient solution for individual users as well
as groups within the enterprise.

Key Features & Benefits:
The NEC IP-TAP is supported on either of the UNIVERGE SV8000-series platforms. It is also compatible
with NECs DT-700 series phones as well any SIP extension and SIP trunk. Key features include:
High-Quality Recording: provides true digital recording, not voice activated
Intuitive User Interface: offers users simple set-up instructions that enable them to begin
recording in minutes
Quick, easy access: users can access the application from the desktop shortcut or by rightclicking
on the icon loaded on the system tray of their PC.
Multiple call-record options: allows users to either record all calls, manually select which calls
to record or be prompted to save or delete after each call
Local or centralized management: save calls locally or on a network server for centralized
monitoring and playback.
Flexible management: enables system admins to restrict user features, where desirable.

Flexible Set Up for Multiple Applications:
IP-TAP comes complete with desktop software and is useful for a variety of roles across a single
organization. Some examples include:
Message Takers
Customer Service Desks
Operator Positions
Contact-Center Staff
Conference-Call Moderators

Package Contents:

IP-Tap Unit
USB Cable
Ethernet Cable
Desktop Software CD

One Year Warranty