NEC 2PGDAD Module Stock# 0891027 Part# BE106902 NEW

NEC 2PGDAD Module Stock# 0891027 Part# BE106902 NEW

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Product features

The 2PGDAD module provides two circuits which allow connection to external terminals such as:

Door Box (8 maximum per system)
Speaker with Amplifier (8 maximum with 2PGDAD modules, 1 on the NTCPU)
External Music Source (external MOH) (96 maximum per system)
External Recording System (96 maximum per system)

The 2PGDAD module is also provides multi-purpose controls. These control relays can be used for controlling the external amplifier, external music source and door lock control with the use of a Door Box. The system allows for up 8 general purpose relays with the 2PGDAD modules and 1 on the NTCPU for a maximum of 9.

The 2PGDAD module connects to any available digital extension port. The terminal connections made within the PGDAD module and the jumper settings determine what features are used for each circuit.

Works on the Aspire & UX5000 Systems