NEC 64007 GCD-VM00, Part No# 64007

NEC 64007 GCD-VM00, Part No# 64007

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Product features

Provides automated attendant and voice mail functions for SV9100E applications only.
(16) ports are built into the SV9100 system software, but these require (16) System Resource Licenses (640773) for new SV9100 system purchases, (16) System Resources will be provided at no charge. When a UM8000 is added to an existing SV9100 system, (16) System Resources (640773) must be purchased. Maximum storage capacity is 550 Hours (8G). Recommended maximum of (1000) subscriber mailboxes.

UM8000 consists of two primary components, *Sold separately*:
1. UM8000 Voice Mail Blade (640074)
2. UM8000 8G CompactFlash (640837)

UM8000 Voice Mail Blade
Required for UM8000 applications.
Contains: (2) USB 1.0 Ports for keyboard support
(1) VGA connector for VHA monitor support
Installs in universal blade slot.

*One Year Warranty