NEC AEC-50 / VOICEPOINT+ Conference Phone (Stock # 0281102 ) NEW

NEC AEC-50 / VOICEPOINT+ Conference Phone (Stock # 0281102 ) NEW

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Product features

NEC Voicepoint + conference phone is ideal for small conferences or large. Plus its compact industrial design fits well on a desk or a small table, making it a great solution for offices. This voicepoint conference phone provides absolutely excellent voice quality.

Featuring award-winning Acoustic Clarity Technology, this system delivers significantly improved voice quality over other previous -generation phones. It has Sensitive microphones that offer 360-degree room coverage. This technology offers super dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), provides maximum microphone sensitivity, while reducing distracting room and background noise. This Voicepoint ensures that everyone on the call can be heard. It has a Echol cancelling system.

This is your best opportunity to be very professional in your phone conferencing

  • ON/OFF LAMP Highlyy Visible-Cleary indicates a teleconferenced call
  • FOUR MICROPHONES One on each corner will pick up any audible voice
  • SPEAKER Advanced, Full-duplex technology eliminates one voice clipping another when conversations overlap
  • MUTE Allows for private conversations
  • FLASH KEYS For answering and transferring third party calls
  • BUILT-IN KEYPAD For fast and easy touch-tone operation
  • VOLUME CONTROLS Adjust volume freely, without fear of echo or feedback

Line Interface Requirements:

Analog pulic switched telephone line (dial pulse or push button) or analog PABX line. A special adapter may be needed for other types of phone systems.


Audio Band: 300 to 3400Hz
Transmit Level: -15dBm
Howling Control Method: Echol cancellation system
Power Requirement: AC 120V (using attached adapted), minimum 10W
Dimensions: 9.13" W x 10.3" D x 2.2" H
Weight: 1.98 lbs