NEC Aspire ~ AspireMail 4 Port 30 Hour / 200 Mailboxes (Stock # 0891052 ) NEW

NEC Aspire ~ AspireMail 4 Port 30 Hour / 200 Mailboxes (Stock # 0891052 ) NEW

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Product features

The new and enhanced AspireMail Flash-based system replaces the two previous models (p/n 0891033 and p/n 0891037) and is available as a 4 port system (p/n 0891052) which can be expanded to 8 ports with a software upgrade (p/n 0891066). In addition, the system now includes 30 hours storage, a choice
between numeric (dial 5), mnemonic (dial L), Spanish or French prompts and an Ethernet port which allows connection to a Local Area Network for programming.

The AspireMail can act as a Centralized Voice Mail with
AspireMail: 11.08.08 or higher, and
Aspire System S/W: 5.21 or higher.
when using the AspireMail Centralized VM feature in an Aspire M 64 Port CPU (0891002) a PAL Chip Upgrade (0891039) is required for networking.

Feature Aspire Mail
ACD Announcement Mailbox Yes
Announcement Mailbox Yes
Announcement Message Yes
Answer Schedule Table Yes (16 tables, 20 schedules each)
Answering Machine Emulation Yes
Answering Schedule Override Yes
Auto Attendant Do Not Disturb Yes
Auto Erase or Save Yes
Auto Forward Yes
Auto Help Yes
Auto Time Stamp Yes
Automated Attendant Yes
Automated Attendant Transfer Yes
Automatic Routing for Rotary Dialing Callers Yes
Autosave Yes
Bilingual Voice Prompts Yes - 4 languages stored, any 2 can be active
Broadcast Message Yes
Call Announcing Idle only
Call Blocking Yes
Call Forward to a Mailbox Yes
Call Queuing No
Call Routing Mailbox Yes
Call Screening (IntraMail) No
Call Waiting Yes
Caller ID Yes
Caller ID Automatic Transfer Yes - 200 entries
Caller ID with Return Call Yes
Calling the Automated Attendant Yes
Cascading Message Notification Yes-3 cascading numbers
Centralized Voice Mail Yes
Centrex Transfer Yes
Checking/Deleting a Message Yes
Confidential Message Yes
Conversation Record Yes
Desktop Messaging No
Diagnostics Yes
Dial Action Table Yes - 100
Directory Dialing Yes
Directory Dialing Mailbox Yes
Directory Dialing Message Yes
Distribution List Yes
Distribution Mailbox Yes
Erasing All Messages Yes
Exiting a Mailbox Yes
External Extension Yes
Extension Hunting/Department Calling to Voice Mail Yes
External Transfer No
Fax "Callbacks" No
Fax "Same Call" Transactions No
Fax Detection Yes
Fax Distribution No
Fax Distribution Lists No
Fax Documents No
Fax Mail No
Fax Mailbox No
Fax Messages No
Fax Server No
Fax-On-Demand No
First Time Tutorial Yes
Flexible Answering Schedules Yes
Flexible Call Routing Yes
Flexible Mailbox Numbering Plan Yes
Forced Unscreened Transfer Yes
French (Canadian) User Interface Yes - if one of the 2 active languages
Future Delivery Mailbox Yes
Future Delivery Message Yes
Getting Recorded Help Yes
Go to a Mailbox Yes
Greeting Yes (3)
Group Mailboxes No
Guest Mailbox Yes
Hang Up Yes
Hotel/Motel (Hospitality) No
Instruction Menu Yes
Interactive Mailbox Yes
Interactive Messaging Yes
Interactive Prompts Yes - 1600 maximum
Interactive Soft Keys Aspire & i-Series: Yes
Leaving a Message Yes (Up to 10 recipients)
Listening to Messages Yes
Listening to Messages Options Yes
Local Backup Yes
Local Restore Yes
Log Onto Voice Mail Yes
Log Onto Voice Mail, Remote Yes
Mailbox Name Yes
Mailbox Security Code Delete Yes
Main Menu Yes
Make Call Yes
Master Mailboxes N/A
Message Center Keys Yes
Message Center Mailbox Yes
Message Count Display Yes
Message Delete Yes
Message Forward Yes (Up to 10 recipients)
Message Length Yes
Message Listen Mode Yes
Message Notification Yes-3 cascading numbers
Message Notification for Urgent Messages Yes
Message On Hold No
Message Playback Direction Yes
Message Record Yes
Message Reply Yes
Message Retention Yes
Message Sender Information Yes
Message Status Report Yes
Message Storage Limit Yes
Message Waiting Lamp Yes
Mnemonic English User Interface Yes - if one of the 2 active languages
Modem Mailbox Yes
Monitored Transfer Yes
Multiple Company Greetings Yes
Multiple Language Support No
Music On Hold No
Network Mailbox Yes
Networking (AMIS) Optional
Next Call Routing Mailbox Yes
Numeric English User Interface Yes - if one of the 2 active languages
Paging Message Yes
Park and Page Yes
Port Activity Yes
Port Self Test Yes
Ports In/Out of Service Yes
Pre-Greeting Announcement Mailbox Yes
Programming Voice Mail Yes
Quick Message Yes
Real Trace Yes
Recording Silence Elimination Yes
Remote Diagnostics Yes
Remote Programming Yes
Reports Yes
Return Receipt Yes
Return to Automated Attendant Yes
Screened Transfer Yes
Security Code Yes
Shutting Down the System Yes
Single Digit Dialing Yes
Spanish User Interface Yes - if one of the 2 active languages
Subscriber Mailbox Yes
System Administrator Yes
System Administrator Mailbox Yes
System Reinitialization Yes
TeLANophy Capable No
Tenant Service Yes - 4 Tenants
Time and Date Yes
Time and Date Stamp Yes
Trace Viewer Yes
Transfer Only Mailbox Yes
Transfer to a Mailbox Yes
Transfer to a Mailbox (Quick) Yes
Transfer to a UCD/Department Group Yes
Transfer to an ACD Group Yes
Trunk Mailbox Yes
Undefined Routing Yes
Unscreened Transfer Yes
Urgent Message Yes
Voice Compression Rate Yes
Voice Mail Overflow Yes
Voice Prompts Yes
Volume Control Yes
Welcome Message Yes

Unified Messaging N/A
Unified Messaging Clients N/A
SMTP Messaging N/A
POP3 Messaging N/A
IMAP4 Messaging N/A
Exchange MAPI N/A
Call Control N/A
Desktop Call Control N/A
Wireless Unified Inbox N/A
Outlook Forms N/A

Mailboxes 200
Storage Hours 30
Ports 4/8
Maximum number of messages 7000
Maximum Number of Messages per Mailbox 1000
Ethernet Port Yes
Database Compatibility (Telephone System Specific) All capacities, FMS+ only