NEC BT200 Bluetooth Portable Teleconference And Music Speakerphone - Part# 730654 - NEW

NEC BT200 Bluetooth Portable Teleconference And Music Speakerphone - Part# 730654 - NEW

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Product features

The BT200 Bluetooth portable teleconference and music speakerphone is ideal for hands-free calling and conferencing. A handy tool for both small businesses and personal use, the BT200 enables crystal clear conversations at the touch of a button. Featuring 4 WATT RMS speakers and 50mm dual drivers, the BT200s powerful speaker provides superior sound quality for better call clarity also making it a perfect device for playing music wirelessly.

The NEC BT200 connects to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. This port can be used to connect with, and play music stored on mobile devices through older hi-fi systems which dont offer a portable media player dock, USB port or Bluetooth connection.
An additional handy feature for mobile business executives is the BT200s removable battery. The battery enables external connection via USB and can be used to re-energize smart phones, tablets, personal music players and other portable devices on the fly.
The BT200 Speaker is a high definition Bluetooth speaker providing stereo sound in a compact, portable package. The BT200 pairs with your cell phone to become a speakerphone for hands free conversations. You can also connect your music player (wired or wireless) to the BT200 to be used for an external speaker.
System Requirements
The BT200 Speaker (part #730654) is compatible with most cell phone devices. The following are a list of devices which the unit has been tested. If your device is not listed, confirm your device supports the Bluetooth profiles listed below the chart.

LG GR700 (LG Vu) AT&T
Samsung Intercept Virgin
Samsung sgh-i897 AT&T
HTC Evo 4G Sprint
Motorola MB250 AT&T
Samsung Epic 4G Sprint
HTC PG06100 Sprint
Apple iPhone 3GS AT&T
Apple iPhone 4G Verizon
Apple iPhone 4G AT&T
Nokia 6133 T-Mobile Basic
Samsung SGH-i607 AT&T Windows Mobile 5.0
LG LG600g Tracfone / Play Music N/A
Nokia 6263 T-Mobile
Nokia E90 T-Mobile
Motorola K1 AT&T
HTC Inspire 4G AT&T
Apple ipod touch 2G iOS4.2.1
Apple ipod touch 3G iOS4.2.1
Apple ipad iOS 4.2.1
Apple ipad2
Motorola XOOM Android 3.0.1
Additional notes on compatibility with NEC specific devices and applications:
There are no dependencies on the NEC Voice server such as the Spherical, SV8100, SV8300, SV8500.
The BT200 will not sync with the NEC Softphone such as the SP350, SP310 and /or the DTL BT Hub.
Supported Bluetooth profiles:
Bluettoth Core Spec: V2.1 + EDR
Handsfree Profile: 1.5
A2DP: 1.0
AVRCP: 1.3
High Definition Audio Speakerphone with two full range 50mm drivers
Bluetooth 2.1
Supports A2DP/AVRCP/HFP profiles SRS* HD WOW
Detachable Li-polymer rechargeable battery (2950mA)
USB jack on battery pack for charging cellular phones and other devices
Up to 7 hours of battery life (5 hours of high quality audio @ 80% volume)
3.5mm audio input jack
Audio keys (mute, volume, play/pause)
Talk on/off key (for phone calls)
AC adapter included
NEC Switch Limitations:
The BT200 is not supported when connecting to any of the NEC terminals/softphones.
NEC Softphones (SP30, SP310 and SP350)
NEC DTL terminals with Bluetooth Hub