NEC C124 SIP DECT Wireless IP Handset Stock# 750611 NEW

NEC C124 SIP DECT Wireless IP Handset Stock# 750611 NEW

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Product features

The C124 DECT handset is a compact business handset for the user that simply wants to make and receive wireless calls while in the office. Features include a graphic display, internal directory, menu programming and handsfree operation. The design pays special attention to ergonomic considerations, to ensure optimal comfort and ease of use. The illuminated graphic LCD display allows the use in poorly lit environments. The internal loudspeaker provides hands-free operation with excellent sound quality. Advanced call-logging features enable incoming calls to be managed efficiently, without losing a single call. The applied DECT technology ensures crystal clear speech and powerful encryption techniques for secure communication.
Feature list:
Crystal clear voice quality, seamless handover and powerful encryption
Light slim-line ergonomic handset
Illuminated graphic LCD
Loud speaking
Personal phone book (40 names)
10-entry call logging
Redial list
5-step volume
13 languages supported
Message Waiting Indication
200 hours stand-by time
Up to 20 hours talk time
8 hours charging time
Included with this handset is a charger and AC adapter. A 3rd Party/NEC SIP Client license is required.