NEC ITL-12CG-3 (BK) TEL Stock# 690077 Part# BE111490 NEW

NEC ITL-12CG-3 (BK) TEL Stock# 690077 Part# BE111490 NEW

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Product features

DT700 Series Terminals / DT730 - DT730G Color IP Phone
12 button Black terminal, 10/100/1000 network, USB and Color LCD

Flexible Product Features:
The DT730CG seamlessly integrates enterprise applications and then deliver them directly to the desktop phone. The solution is designed to provide maximum flexibility to companies and their end users with features such as:
- 12 programmable function keys
- 4 programmable soft keys LCD
- Color display
- Gigabit Ethernet
- PoE
- USB ports: User can charge smart phones or upload photos to DT730G from an external drive.
- Optional add-on: The DT730s keypad layout, handset and line keys are easily expandable to grow with you in the field as your needs or environment changes.

- User-defined customization: users can customize the layout to display functions they desire for their phone without administration assistance.
- Intuitive user interface: The DT730G graphic interface makes it easy for users to navigate with minimal training.

Coming Soon: one-touch access to information and enterprise applications >
Enhanced capabilities: Users access an array of advanced features such as quick-dialing calendar access, email contacts, photos, quick message display and more.

Like other DT730 terminals, the appliance was designed as a modular concept allowing for
replacement of parts and add-ons (excluding the Desiless display).

Compatiable with:
UNIVERGE SV8100 (R7) / SV8300 (R7) & SV8500 (R8)

NEW Part# BE111490


1 Year Warranty