NEC ~ SIP DECT Wireless Access Point (DAP) AP200S ~ Stock# 750104 ~ NEW

NEC ~ SIP DECT Wireless Access Point (DAP) AP200S ~ Stock# 750104 ~ NEW

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Product features

The AP200S is a radio that operates in the 1.9GHZ radio spectrum

The building block of the Business Mobility wireless infrastructure, in the US, is the AP200S Access
Point (DAP) in the 1.9 GHz spectrum.
The DAP is an Omni-directional radio base station that connects directly to the LAN via a L2 switch port, just like the NEC IP PBX.

The NEC AP200S DECT Access Point (DAP) is a compact, easily installed, plug-and-play DECT
Access Point that provides wireless telephony to IP networks.

The AP200S has 12 channels with the capacity for up to 11 simultaneous duplex calls per DECT
Access Point (one channel is reserved for control signaling between DECT Access Points:

Equipped with:
- Internal antenna
- DAP Manager Software

Requires power from either of the following:
Data switch with 802.3af POE or 802.3af adapter [750615], (AC Adapter ?)

Requires Cat5 or higher cabling.

Must be located within 300 feet of the associated data Switch. Refer to installation manual for coverage specifications.

For C124 & G955 IP DECT Handsets.

Compatible with SV8100, 8300, 8500 & UX5000

One Year Warranty