NEC SMB ML440 Bundle Package ~ Stock# 730653 ~ NEW - NEW Part# Q24-FR000000113114

NEC SMB ML440 Bundle Package ~ Stock# 730653 ~ NEW - NEW Part# Q24-FR000000113114

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Product features

The ML440 handset is an ergonomically designed compact wireless handset for those who are mobile in the office and meet the needs of mobility.

The ML440 handset provides numerous features and conveniences for optimal comfort.
* Color display with graphical use interface
* Its illuminated graphic LCD display enables use in poorly lit environments
* Internal loudspeaker provides hands-free operation with excellent sound quality.
* Powerful encryption techniques ensure secure communication.
* Advanced call logging features make incoming call management easy.

Physical handsets has:
* Four hard programmable keys
* Three predefined soft keys to ensure dedicated keys for HOLD, Xfer and Conf
* Dedicated easy use keys for mute and speaker volume

It can also provide the subscriber with most of the features available for a wired phone, in addition to its
roaming and handover capabilities.

Each ML440 handset comes with a dual charger (730659) as well as the AC adapter (730660).
The handset comes with one lithium based battery (730657).
There is an additional slot in the dual charger to charge a separate battery.
Additional batteries must be purchased separately.
Instruction sheet which explains how to install batteries and charge handset.

Optional / Replacement parts >
730657 Spare Battery This battery is for spare or 2nd battery. Charger has place to charge separate battery.
730659 Charger Unit For spare. Initial part number 730650 includes charger.
730660 AC Adaptor Charger For spare. Initial part number 730650 includes AC adapter.
730661 Leather carrying Separate leather case to reduce wear and tear to the ML440 handset.

ML440 SMB Wireless System - on-site wireless voice
Wireless voice everywhere in the office
* Powerful encryption, roaming, seamless handover
* Proven and mature DECT technology
* Proven and mature 1.9 Radio Spectrum
* Connect Access Points directly to the LAN
* Easy deployment and Scalable

Selection of Radio Band 1920-1930MHZ
* DECT: Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology
* Interference-free environment
* High efficiency of spectrum use
* Security
* Long range without interference
* Low power consumption
* Outstanding Stand-by and Talk times

Wireless IP Handset ML440
Positioning ML440
Calling name/number, call logging v
Programmable keys Yes up to 4
Talk time/standby 20/220
Handset LCD display 262K TFT type Color LCD 176 x 220 pixel display
Backlit for keys Yes
Built-in vibrator Yes
Speakerphone mode Yes
Bluetooth headset No
Headset Yes
Volume key up/down Yes, side of handset
Mute key Yes, key on side of handset
Soft keys based on status of call When on call HOLD, Xfer Conf

NEW Part# Q24-FR000000113114


One Year Warranty

In-Building Multiline IP DECT Wireless Handset.

Compatible with the SV8100 & SV8300, SL1100 & Univerge 3C systems.