NEC SV9100E CP10-A1 Kit, Part# 640605 Part# Q24-UW000000107848 - NEW

NEC SV9100E CP10-A1 Kit, Part# 640605 Part# Q24-UW000000107848 - NEW

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Product features

The SV9100 CPU Main Processor Blade (GCD-CP10) utilizes 32-bit microprocessor with DSP technology.
Controls all system functions & operations.
Provides system resources for DTMF Receivers, Caller ID, MF senders & receivers.
It must be installed in the first universal slot of the base chassis.
It must be equipped with either an SD-A1 (SV9100S) or SD-B1 (SV9100E) Card.

Memory circuitry (no daughter board reqd)
Slot for required SD Card (used for system memory & InMail)
Slot for GPZ-IPLE VoIP Daughter Board
Slot for included CR2032-type lithium battery
(2) Control Relays for music source and external paging circuits

 (1) USB connector for updating system S/W, storing system databases, licensing
 (1) Gigabit Ethernet connector
 (1) 8-conductor mod jack for relay contacts for BGM/MOH music source/external page
 (1) DIM connector for diagnostics
 (2) Sub-mini audio input/output jacks for music inputs and/or external paging output

SV9100E CPU / SD-B1 Kit

Consists of:
SV9100 CPU (GCD-CP10)
SV9100E SD-B1 4G SD Card
Provides SV9100E system memory.
Provides InMail w/ 120 hours of storage.

*SD card Installs in dedicated slot on the CPU.

NEW Part# Q24-UW000000107848

One Year Warranty