NEC UNIVERGE WL1500 Access Point ~ Stock# 0381225 ~ NEW

NEC UNIVERGE WL1500 Access Point ~ Stock# 0381225 ~ NEW

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Product features

Workhorse of the UNIVERGE Wireless Optimized Architecture

The UNIVERGE WL1500 Access Point (AP) does the heavy lifting for the WOA, providing direct AP-to-AP wireless connectivity to mobile clients. The WL1500 APs can be managed by any of the new UNIVERGE WL Controllers or UNIVERGE WL1700 AP.

WL1500 APs provides:
- WLAN access to the network
- Secure mobility
- Quality of service for vital applications
- Seamless roaming
- Maximum WLAN availability

The UNIVERGE WLMS Management Tool automates designing, configuring and deploying WOA. It determines the quantity of APs, their locations and their optimum configuration.

If a WL1500 needs to be replaced, the newly installed AP automatically downloads its correct configuration from the WLMS Management Tool.

WL1500 APs are designed to be inconspicuous in order to blend in with any interior decor. With no data stored on the APs, you need not be concerned about installing them in unsecured areas.

WL1500 APs continuously scan all 802.11 radio space and channels. They report findings to the new UNIVERGE WL Controllers and WLMS.

Key Features:

- Managed Dual Mode Radio - Built-in capabilities
- No Touch Configuration - No programming in the Access Point
- Time-sensitive Traffic Prioritization - Recognizes real-time packets and always gives voice traffic priority over data
- Optimized Security - Has rogue, intrusion and denial-of-service on board.
- Automatic RF Tuning - Ensures the frequency is always accurate