Nitsuko NEC NVM-2e Voice Mail System 4 Ports 17780-4P NEW

Nitsuko NEC NVM-2e Voice Mail System 4 Ports 17780-4P NEW

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Product features

Nitsuko NEC NVM-2E Voice Mail System 4 Ports 17780-4P

NVM-2E Voice Mail with Automated Attendant offers an expansive set of real integrated Voice Mail solutions for your Small Office/Home Office. The NVM-2e comes with 4 voice mail ports, 3 hours of message storage, 66 mailboxes (one of which is dedicated to fax detection) and are wall mountable. One-Touch Integration Convenience. You can record Multiple Greetings (up to 3) and easily select the one you want your callers to hear. While you are busy at your desk, use the NVM-2e Personal Answering Machine Emulation to screen your calls just like your answering machine at home. NVM-2e - Voice Mail Value and Performance for the Small Office/Home Office.

Voice Mailbox Features

  • Announcement Mailbox
  • Future Delivery Mailbox
  • Message Forwarding
  • Personalized Mailbox Greeting
  • Programmable Security Code
  • Remote or Local Message Notification
  • Time and Date Stamp with Caller ID Storage

Automated Attendant Features

  • Answering Schedule Override
  • Call Blocking
  • Day, Night and Holiday Greetings
  • Flexible Answering
  • Single-Digit Transfer
  • Two Answer Schedule Tables

Integration Features

  • Answering Machine Emulation
  • Automatic Call Routing to Mailbox
  • Call Forwarding to Mailbox
  • Conversation Record
  • Leave Message at Busy/DND Extension
  • Make Call Feature
  • Message Count Display
  • One-Touch Forwarding
  • One-Touch Mailbox Access
  • One-Touch Message Retrieval
  • Transfer to Mailbox
  • Voice Mail Overflow

System Features

  • Administrator Security Code Control
  • Fax Detection
  • Remote Greetings
  • Remote Programming
  • Wall Mountable

System Capacities

  • Ports: 4
  • Voice Storage: 3 hrs
  • Mailboxes: 66
May be programmed with PC using Line Editor Feature or may be programmed via
telephone, with selected options programmable via PC. NVM-2e provides 50
Subscriber Mailboxes, one of which you can assign for fax detection.
Certain features may be optional