Sony SSM-L24F1 24 inch LCD Security Monitor, Stock# SSM-L24F1
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Sony SSM-L24F1 24 inch LCD Security Monitor, Stock# SSM-L24F1

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Product features

The Sony SSM-L24F1 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor with Speaker is designed specifically for video security applications. This LCD monitor features a 1080 full HD panel and a generous 21.5 (54.61 cm) size to deliver good all-round monitoring performance.

The SSM-L24F1 monitor features a full HD LCD panel with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, offering crystal clear picture quality. Its generous size makes it ideal for desktop and video-wall applications.

The monitor includes a host of features that video security operators will value: Image Sticking Minimization (ISM) maximizes the life of your monitor by randomly turning pixels black; the P-in-P (Picture-in-Picture) function allows a secondary image to be displayed within the main picture; there is a high-performance stereo speaker with 3 W + 3 W output; and the monitor supports a wide range of video and audio inputs.

Moreover, the monitors energy-efficient LED backlighting offers low power consumption of 34 W, minimizing operational overheads.

One Year Warranty