Speco 2WAK2 Two-way Audio Kit for DVR's with PVL15A Amplifier, Stock# 2WAK2 NEW

Speco 2WAK2 Two-way Audio Kit for DVR's with PVL15A Amplifier, Stock# 2WAK2 NEW

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The quality Speco 2WAK2 is a Two-way Audio Kit for DVRs with PVL15A Amplifier is used with DVRs includes PVL15 AmplifierDMS3TS SpeakerCAMMIC Line-Level Microphone, and PSW5 Power Supply (for microphone) that ables a person to communicate with someone in view of a camera either directly through the DVR or with an Apple or Android application, ideal for use in small areas while the PVL15 Amplifier provides priority paging, 15W of RMS power, and has 3 easily accessible inputs offers Mic1 priority mute function with front button and has separate bass and treble controls.


  • PVL15 Amplifier has a Mic1 priority mute function with a front button with Separate bass and treble controls 15W of RMS output and a maximum output of 30W and two microphone inputs and one 1/4" auxiliary input.
  • DMS3TS Speaker is a 3-way mini weather-resistant speaker system that has 70 and 25V dual-voltage transformers including a mounting bracket, wire, and hardware.
  • CAMMIC Microphone is an add-on mini microphone with power/audio cable, High sensitivity, Easy to install, and suitable for all security surveillance voice recording applications and Line level output with 12 VDC operation.
  • PSW5 Power Supply has 12 VDC UL listed.


Package Contents:

  • Speco Technologies 2WAK2 Two2-Way Audio Kit with 15W RMS Amplifier, Line-Level Microphone, & 4" Wall-Mount 70/25V Speaker
  • PVL15 15W Public Address Amplifier
  • Speco Technologies DMS3TS 3-Way All Weather Mini Speaker with Line Transformer (Black)
  • Speco Technologies CAMMIC High-Impedance Line Level Microphone with 1.5' Cable
  • Speco Technologies PSW5 12 VDC AC/DC Power Supply