Suttle Outdoor xDSL NID Splitter, Stock# 649A-NV

Suttle Outdoor xDSL NID Splitter, Stock# 649A-NV

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  • Tool-less capability with easy viewing for proper connections
  • Accepts 22-26 AWG wire
  • Audible click toggle upon installation
  • Ring Trip Mitigation for superior IPTV delivery
  • Compatible for ADSL to VDSL2 technologies up to 30MHz (30a profile)
  • Outdoor housing and outdoor rated lead wires for protection from
  • environmental conditions
  • Can be used in many small MDU and commercial applications where a
  • secure box with splitter is needed


DC Loop Current: 0 – 100mA
DC Loop Voltage: 0 to -60V
DC Resistance: ≤ 25 Ω
Insertion Loss: < 0.5dB
Attenuation Distortion: < 1.0dB
Delay Distortion: < 200us
ADSL Band Attenuation: 
> 65dB @ 30kHz – 300kHz
> 55dB @ 300kHz – 30MHz

Return Loss: 6dB ERL, 5dB SRL-Low, 3dB SRL-High
Longitudinal Balance: > 57dB
Lead Wire Length: 30 inches


TR-127 (Ring Trip Mitigation): Approved
GR-3167: Compliant
FCC: Approved


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