Total Access 1500 Dual 4W FXO

Total Access 1500 Dual 4W FXO

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Product features

4-wire FXO module for the Total Access 1500
Features and Benefits
Two independent DC-isolated 4-wire VF channel interfaces
Supports 4-state FXO Ground and Loop Start signaling
Supports equalizer prescription settings as defined in AT&T 855-351-105 (309B)
Supports 150, 600 and 1200 ohms input/output termination impedance
Supports loaded and nonloaded cable types
Supports Build Out Resistance (LX1) option to lower the DC loop current for short loop applications
Extended operating temperature range from -40C to +65C
TLP transmit input range of -15.0 to +1.0 dBm in 0.1 dB increments
TLP receive output range of -10.0 to +6.0 dBm in 0.1 dB increments
Provisioning by craft interface or Site Manager
Digital Loopback and 1004 Hz Digital Reference Signal (DRS) Tone Tests via craft port or Site Manager
NEBS Level 3 and UL 1950 compliant