Total Access 1500 Dual OCU DP with Test Jacks

Total Access 1500 Dual OCU DP with Test Jacks

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Product features

For use in Total Access 1500 integrated access devices.
The module provides the interface between a DS0 timeslot of the T-carrier data stream and the 4-wire metallic loop to the customer.
The OCU DP will interoperate over the carrier system with another OCU DP, DS0 DP, DS0 cross-connect system, or switch, and can be located in an end office, hub office, intermediate office, or remote digital terminal system.
Features & Benefits
  • Loop Quality Monitor
  • A/B signaling options
  • Remotely provisionable and Performance Monitoring via Digital System-6
  • Protected loopback at 64 kbps
  • Automatic line equalization
  • Switch 56 functionality
  • Logic level bantam jacks
  • Bantam jack channel select pushbutton